9. Python Scripting LanguageΒΆ

One main component of itom is the integrated scripting language Python. In order to make itom ready for the future, Python is based on the version-family 3. If you already know Python or already have used Python, you probably know about the huge functionality which already is provided by Python itself or by one of its various modules, that are available in the internet. The good is, that you can execute the same Python-scripts in itom. There are only few limitations concerning some Python modules.

The following sections give an overview about the use of Python within itom as well as some limitations, hints and common problems. Furthermore, you will find an introduction to some important parts of the Python module itom that is available to the embedded Python interpreter and provides a python-based access to features of itom. There are some more sections about the use of popular Python packages, like Numpy, Scipy or Matplotlib. Last but not least, this chapter contains a huge tutorial about Python which is good for newbies. This section also contains more references to other popular Python tutorials and documentations.