Get Started

WELCOME TO ITOM! Before you start measuring and programming the world around you, you’ll need to set up the software on your PC or Mac.
Here you’ll find information and help on HOW TO START USING ITOM!
Below we’ve summarized easy instructions to install and use our software


The itom software (ITOM) allows to interactively create measurements with labratory equipment down to simple webcams.
It is also capable of data generation, data mining, data analysis and much more data stuff…
The built-in Qt-designer enables the user to create neat looking GUIs for end-user measurement processes or automation.
In short, it combines many advantages of both Matlab and Labview in one free software!
Measurement software
Data aquisition, Image recording and Signal detection with Plug’n’Play hardware integration.
Equipped with its own filters, algorithms and data analysis plugins.
Plot the data in awesome looking graphs, save and export data results in various formats.
Easy programming (PYTHON)
ITOM is one of the best PYTHON IDE on the web with lots of features to make your python experience alot easier
Create your own Scripts or type in commands directly into to Console
Install any python packages with our simple Package Manager
Debug your scripts on-the-fly with the our included Debugger
Python packages
Powerful through the greatest range of additional extensions: Python packages
Examples are: Matplotlib, Scipy, Numpy for easy mathematical calculations - up to skimage, scikit-learn and TensorFlow for MachineLearning and AI


Currently the All-in-One Setup is only available for WINDOWS users. Mac and Linux: compile source @ Downloads

Get the latest versions from the Downloads page or from the link below.
You should use the correct Bit-Version according to your Windows system (32bit/ 64bit).

(If you don’t know which Version you have, Goto: >>Control Panel >>System >>System type: 32Bit or 64Bit)

Download Setup .EXE-File

Run the Setup file
After the download, proceed with the installation by opening the Setup.exe. (You might be asked for Administrator rights to continue)

Select the Destination folder:


Choose Components and Packages to include:
Python packages: Numpy, SciPy and Matplotlib need to be included
itom SDK is needed if you want to include further plugins


Click on Install in the summary:


Optional: If not already installed, VisualC++ will be installed


Automatic install of Python packages:


Install done:


Open itom.exe to start:


First use of ITOM

First of all, let’s introduce you to the IDE and your first steps using itom.