class itom.region

Bases: builtins.object

region([x, y, w, h [,type=region.RECTANGLE]]) -> creates a rectangular or elliptical region.

This class is a wrapper for the class QRegion of Qt. It provides possibilities for creating pixel-based regions. Furtherone you can calculate new regions based on the intersection, union or subtraction of other regions. Based on the region it is possible to get a uint8 masked dataObject, where every point within the entire region has the value 255 and all other values 0

Parameters :

x : {int}

x-coordinate of the reference corner of the region

y : {int}

y-coordinate of the reference corner of the region

w : {int}

width of the region

h : {int}

height of the region

type : {int}, optional

region.RECTANGLE creates a rectangular region (default). region.ELLIPSE creates an elliptical region, which is placed inside of the given boundaries.


It is also possible to create an empty instance of the region.

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