Demo scripts

There are several python demo scripts available which demonstrate the use of itom. All these files are in the directory demo The following list gives a short description of each demo.

itom Basics


    Description: Here you can learn the basic function of the dataObject.
    Keywords: creating a dataObject; plot; shallow copy; deep copy; meta data

    Description: Creating your own toolbar and buttons.
    Keywords: create a new class; add new functions; add button



    Description: Usage of a camera plugin.
    Keywords: dataIO; start device (camera); snapshot (getVal); live image

    Description: Usage of a motor plugin.
    Keywords: set position; get position

    Description: Firewire grabber for different cameras. PointGray Firefly, Sony SX 900, Sony XCD-X700...
    Keywords: dataIO; start device (camera); Snapshot (getVal); Live image

Algorithm / Filter


    Description: Median filtering of a randomly filled image.

    Description: Short demonstration of some linear algebra functions provided by Numpy (numeric package of python).

    Description: Using scipy and matplotlib to calculate the cross-correlation between two images. Scipy is a python package that contains more scientific algorithms.
    Keywords: scipy, matplotlib

    Description: Further example on how to use matplotlib (plotting package of python) in itom.


This folder contains some examples on how to create customized user interfaces in itom (see Creating advanced dialogs and windows).

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