class itom.plotItem

Bases: itom.uiItem

plotItem(figure[, subplotIdx]) -> instance of the plot or subplot of a figure.

Use can use this constructor to access any plot or subplot (if more than one plot) of a figure. The subplotIndex row-wisely addresses the subplots, beginning with 0.

Parameters :doc :
pickPoints(points [,maxNrPoints]) -> method to let the user pick points on a plot (only if plot supports this)

This method lets the user select one or multiple points (up to maxNrPoints) at the current plot (if the plot supports this).

Parameters :

points : {DataObject}

resulting data object containing the 2D positions of the selected points [2 x nrOfSelectedPoints].

maxNrPoints: {int}, optional :

let the user select up to this number of points [default: infinity]. Selection can be stopped pressing Space or Esc.

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