itom.filterHelp([filterName, dictionary = 0, furtherInfos = 0]) → generates an online help for the given filter(s).

This method prints information about one specific filter (algorithm) or a list of filters to the console output. If one specific filter, defined in an algorithm plugin can be found that case-sensitively fits the given filterName its full documentation is printed. Else, a list of filters is printed whose name contains the given filterName.


filterName : {str}, optional

is the fullname or a part of any filter-name which should be displayed. If filterName is empty or no filter matches filterName (case sensitive) a list with all suitable filters is given.

dictionary : {dict}, optional

if dictionary == 1, a dictionary with all relevant components of the filter’s documentation is returned and nothing is printed to the command line [default: 0]

furtherInfos : {int}, optional

Usually, filters or algorithms whose name only contains the given filterName are only listed at the end of the information text. If this parameter is set to 1 [default: 0], the full information for all these filters is printed as well.


out : {None or dict}

In its default parameterization this method returns None. Depending on the parameter dictionary it is also possible that this method returns a dictionary with the single components of the information text.

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