How to use the help

In general you can use this help as any other help.

A problem with function references is, it is hard to keep up to date with the manual. In addition the help can never have all informations about any possible filter- or hardware-plugin delivered from a third party. Therefore some tools for online help were inplemented into python and itom.

With help(method) you will get an online help for the method or module. To get something similar for the plugin-system, the functions filterHelp(...), widgetHelp(...) and pluginHelp(...) can be used. If you already have a plugIn of type actuator or dataIO you can get an online-help for possible parameters via the member method getParamListInfo() and for the exec-functions use getExecFuncInfo().

Rebuild the Help

If you think your help is not up to date and you are using the itom development environment you can rebuilt your help. Therefore you need the up-to-date-version of sphinx for python.

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