class itom.font(family [, pointSize = 0, weight = -1, italic = false) → creates a font object.

Bases: object

This class is a wrapper for the class QFont of Qt. It provides possibilities for creating a font type.


family : {str}

The family name may optionally also include a foundry name, e.g. ‘Helvetica [Cronyx]’. If the family is available from more than one foundry and the foundry isn’t specified, an arbitrary foundry is chosen. If the family isn’t available a family will be set using a best-matching algorithm.

pointSize : {int}, optional

If pointSize is zero or negative, the point size of the font is set to a system-dependent default value. Generally, this is 12 points, except on Symbian where it is 7 points.

weight : {int}, optional

Weighting scale from 0 to 99, e.g. font.Light, font.Normal (default), font.DemiBold, font.Bold, font.Black

italic : {bool}, optional

defines if font is italic or not (default)