Compile QT

Creating prebuild version of Qt: For a working itom development environment only a prebuild version of Qt is necessary.

  • Install Qt into the ${MAINDIR}/3rdParty/Qt5.12.1 with the components

    msvc2017 64-bit, Qt WebView, Qt WebEngine. Qt Creator is not necessary, but can not be unchecked

  • After the installation copy the folder to another location

    (${MAINDIR}/3rdParty/Qt5.12.1_backup) and uninstall Qt in the Windows program settings

  • Rename Qt5.12.1_backup back to Qt5.12.1

  • From Qt5.12.1/Docs/Qt-5.12 copy all * .qch files (only in the main folder)

    to Qt5.12.1/5.12/msvc2017_64/doc

  • Start the Qt Assistant (${MAINDIR}/3rdParty/Qt5.12.1/5.12/msvc2017_64/bin),

    open options/documentation and delete all. Add then the copied documentation files.

  • From Qt5.12.1 delete the following things:
    • folder: dist, Examples, Tools, vcredist, Docs (after having copied the qch files)

    • files: all files in the main folder, e. g. components.xml…

  • Copy OpenSSL libeay32.dll and ssleay32.dll to the ${MAINDIR}/3rdParty/Qt5.12.1/5.12/msvc2017_64/bin


Create a path on your hard drive with a long, long path name (called ${MAINDIR}) (later, the all-in-one path on destination computers must be shorter than this path name, due to the Qt patching)


The QT version 5.6.2 has a bug which prevent the start of the QT designer {‘QTBUG-53984’: (‘’, ‘QTBUG-53984’)}. The workaround is to change the name of Qt5WebEngineWidgets.dll and Qt5WebEngineWidgetsd.dll, then copy the Qt5Core.dll and Qt5Cored.dll and change the name of these dll-files into Qt5WebEngineWidgets.dll and Qt5WebEngineWidgetsd.dll. This bug should be solved with QT version 5.6.3 (release August 2017).