Command HistoryΒΆ


If the command history option is enabled in the properties of itom, every script command that is executed via the command line, is chronologically saved in the command history toolbox. Depending on the properties, all entries can also be grouped by the day of their execution. There is a limit of saved commands (default: 100), such that older commands are automatically deleted from the toolbox if the maximum number of commands is reached. At shutdown of itom the current list of commands is saved and reloaded at the next startup.

In the properties of itom there is another option, that forces itom not to display multiple equal commands in one sequence. Only the first command is saved then.

To clear the entire history, choose clear list from the context menu of the command history.

It is possible to drag&drop one or multiple commands from the history to either any script window or the command line. For selecting multiple commands, use either the shift-key (adjacent commands) or the ctrl-key for selecting single commands.


When dropping one or multiple commands onto the command line, they are not directly executed. Therefore press the return key in order to start the execution.